Former Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile is undergoing a long and painful procedure to battle the effects of Marfan syndrome. The treatment is months long and consists of one-to-two dozen shots per week throughout Carlile’s body.

Late last year, Carlile announced he would be leaving Of Mice & Men due to tears in his spine leaving the vocalist unable to scream. “My team advised me that if I continued to do so, it would cause permanent and irrevocable damage to my spinal cord and nervous system,” Carlile revealed. “After learning this, I realized that I had to step away from Of Mice & Men, no longer able to scream most of our old material, or continue to scream on anything new. I cannot continue on.”

Carlile has continued to battle Marfan syndrome, though there is sadly no cure for the disorder. Though Carlile will continue to battle Marfan syndrome for the rest of his life, he’s hoping this round of injections will be the last time he has to undergo spinal treatment.

Austin types:

This procedure is 1x a week for 2-3 months... each week a series of 12-24 shot injections into my spinal chord, muscle, & ligaments from my legs, up to hips, then, low and middle back, to repair all my ligaments in the area, plus weekly IV'S to go with it! My team recently discovered that the ligaments in my body are deteriorating faster than expected and this has been a root of some of my problems and a lot of my PAIN. So I'm taking this next #MarfanSyndromeTreatment head on!

Of Mice & Men have vowed to continue on despite Carlile’s departure, remaining excited to share “the next chapter of the band’s story” with fans. We’d like to wish Austin luck and strength for the upcoming months.

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