It's been more than a year since bassist Greg Christian parted ways with thrash legends Testament. Back in 2014, Christian offered a detailed explanation on his less-than-amicable falling out with the band, and last night (Feb. 19), Christian checked in again to give an update on how he's been doing.

Christian cited major financial issues as the tipping point for his leave from Testament, claiming to have made just $350 per show without a raise since 2005. Additionally, Christian said he was never told how much Testament made per night. The bassist heard rumors that Testament had made $100,000 for one Korean show, of which Christian was apparently given a bump to just $700.

Currently, Greg Christian is playing in the upstart band Trinity Fallen, and the bass master penned a Facebook note about his new project while elaborating further on Testament:

been reflecting a lot. a little over a year away from Testament, I see everything so much different now. there's also something about death that seems to help put other things in perspective so I think Fozz's passing may actually be "helping" me in a way (still rather see him next time I cross the pond though) and I'd have to say I was under duress the entire 8 1/2 years I was back in the band. that's how things went as far as they did. I came back with nothing, under a great deal of stress about trying to put up, and keep up, an appearance that was consistent with being in a band of this stature, while being s--t broke and struggling. that's exhausting. and I was never able to get ahead, even a little, so I could never relax or find my "ground". I was always off balance, and always stressed and struggling, and they fully took advantage, knowing if I didn't just do the gigs and get that next (day rate) check, I couldn't pay my bills. there was no negotiating. there was a - f--- off, take it or we'll get someone that will, we own everything and you're not s--t anyway - kind of attitude about everything and I was always so beat down by it, I just dealt with it all and went along. not really thinking, I guess. and I never once, over that 8 1/2 years felt grounded or balanced. it wasn't possible.
now, a little over a year away from it all, I still have all the same financial and external struggles, except the "putting up a front" thing. the whole world knows I'm broke so I can relax about that. seriously that's a big stress reliever. and I'm watching the songs I've wanted to do forever materialize in an amazing way with Artak and Timmy, and I'm finally starting to find my ground. I'm starting to be able to relax and ground myself. I'm starting to see things right in front of my face, that have been there all along, that I wasn't able to see while in that situation.
I see life getting a lot better fairly quickly here. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but this time it's going to work out. and, whatever level it ever gets to, I'm doing the music I always wanted to, and if it does okay, so will I. and so will the other guys. there are two things people can learn from traumatic experiences - to be exactly the same way - or to NOT be that way. TF is a band. I don't want anyone to ever feel the way I felt. about music or $. I want a happy family.
Cheers everyone !!! !!! !!!

Stay tuned for updates on Greg Christian's new project. Testament will release their latest studio album sometime in 2015, so get excited for that, too!

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