Frances Bean Cobain recently bought a new house, and it’s a swanky one! The heir to the grunge throne of the late rock star Kurt Cobain and daughter of wack-star Courtney Love recently purchased a home in Los Angeles with a $1.8 million dollar price tag. Might seem like a pricey pad for a teenager but when Frances Bean turned 18 last year she inherited approximately 37 percent of the Kurt Cobain estate.

The four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath abode (pictured below) was built in the 1930s and is of Spanish inspired architecture. It has a large backyard, a fireplace, and all the fixings including art-deco features and decorative details abound. No news yet on when the housewarming party is set for.

It’s unclear when Frances Bean might take up residence in the new home. Currently estranged from her mother Courtney Love, Frances Bean reportedly attends college in upstate New York – a long commute from the Hollywood Hills.

Sept. 24 marked the 20th anniversary of Nirvana‘s revolutionary ‘Nevermind’ - the album that defined an entire generation of music. To put things in perspective, the album is older than Frances Bean.

In related news, just before Frances Bean turned 19, a series of edgy, high fashion photos taken by Hedi Slimane made the rounds online. Shortly thereafter another series of photos made their debut. The series of FBC photos taken by photographer Rocky Schenck showed a coming of age Cobain, both sets uniquely different and beautiful.