Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes have countered the punchy End of Suffering single "Crowbar" with the gloomy "Anxiety," which speaks to the importance of the mental health conversation. Listen above.

Carter, who has been outspoken about his own struggles with mental health, lays it bare on the new song with the opening lines "I don't know who I am / Everybody telling me they can't believe I can / Feel so depressed and unimpressed and be so stressed when I'm so blessed / I got it all and they got less."

Ultimately, "Anxiety" is a call to recognize that just because someone may seem to have all they want in life, it doesn't mean they're free from personal demons.

"Whatever life is throwing at you right now, it will pass," says Carter. "Choose to let it hit you, or duck and watch it fly past much faster and off into your history, of which there have been many obstacles thrown your way and you have overcome them all."

The group also recently launched the #abetterplaceforyouandme online initiative to open up the conversation surrounding mental health. They partnered with a U.K. charity, The Calm Zone, and have started an Instagram page dedicated to the cause as well.

End of Suffering comes out May 3 on International Death Cult. Pre-order the album here.

In 2017, Carter recognized the importance of treating his mental health, bowing out of tour support for Papa Roach. In his official statement, he recognized he was not okay and, in part, commented, "If you are struggling with the weight of the world around you, please talk to someone. Embarrassment breeds shame, shame breeds loneliness and loneliness will kill you if you let it. You are not alone."

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, "Anxiety" Single Artwork

International Death Cult
International Death Cult

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