Former emo kids, you may want to get your fringes parted, because your screamo / post-hardcore heroes From First to Last just played their first gig in over 10 years with vocalist Sonny Moore.

During the screamo craze of the mid-2000s, From First to Last were kings of the mountain and Sonny Moore was the voice of every kid who dyed their hair black and wore eyeliner. After Moore left FFTL in 2007, he embarked on one of the most successful solo careers in history as Skrillex, bringing dubstep into the mainstream and taking home a total of eight Grammy Awards.

With the electronic music world conquered, Sonny Moore surprised his old fans earlier this year by recording “Make War” with From First to Last. At an Emo Nite gathering yesterday (Feb. 7) in Los Angeles, From First to Last suddenly took the stage and launched into a seven-song set featuring favorites like “Ride the Wings of Pestilence” and “Note to Self” along with the fresh “Make War.”

Enthralled fans busted out their phones to document the historic night, posting some footage from in the pit:

Could this mean a new From First to Last album or full-scale reunion tour with Sonny Moore and returning drummer Derek Bloom is in the works? Keep your eyes on Loudwire for all potential announcements!

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