Extreme hairstyles often go hand-in-hand with rock and metal subculture. And it's not just long hair that runs the game, though that still seems to be a prevalent trait among rockers and metalheads. But what rock and metal bands had the absolute most iconic hairstyles that we still remember today?

You can probably think a few off the top of your head. But we wanted to narrow it down to the 10 most impactful hairstyles in rock and metal. So we got ahold of someone with both good hair and rock acumen — the vocalist of Florida horror-rock band We're Wolves, AJ Diaferio. He's also a professional barber.

We're Wolves just released their latest single, "Pride," a song featuring guest contributions from Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas. Hear it toward the bottom of this post, followed by Diaferio's picks for the rock and metal artists with the most iconic hairstyles.

We're Wolves member and licensed barber AJ Diaferio cuts hair.
We're Wolves' AJ Diaferio cuts hair. (WTF Publicity)

The new We're Wolves track is "about pride getting the best of someone," Diaferio says. "Not being able to differentiate between what's good for the group vs. his or herself."

He continues, "We wrote this song about an individual we became gridlocked with during the writing process and couldn't work past their ego. We have always wanted to feature our friend Spencer and this seemed like a great opportunity. This song fit his vocal style so seamlessly. We hope you love this song as much as we enjoyed creating it."

The tune comes from We're Wolves' new album Evil Things, out now. Last year, the band covered Avenged Sevenfold's "Unholy Confessions."

We're Wolves feat. Spencer Charnas, "Pride"

10 Artists With the Most Iconic Hairstyles in Rock + Metal

Hi, my name is AJ, and I am the vocalist of the horror-influenced metal/rock band We're Wolves. When I'm not creating and playing music with the band, I am a licensed professional barber in Boca Raton, Fla. I've been in the industry cutting hair professionally for eight years.

It has always been rad to see how trendy haircuts are interconnected with music. You can tell a lot about a band just by their hair. Whether they're goth, rock, metal, punk, etc., hairstyle plays a critical part in the image of a band. Take it from me, a licensed professional guy in a metal band who cares a lot about his hair.

Let's jump into my top 10 most iconic hairstyles in rock and metal.

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