If you haven't examined the lyrical content of Fuel's 'Soul to Preach To' yet, you're about to get a better understanding of the song in video form. The band just shot a video for the track that shows a deep well of regret amongst the subjects in the clip.

If you weren't aware this was going to be a deeper clip, the video opens on the cracking sands of a sun-beaten desert with the passage, "Indeed under the law almost everything is purified in blood … and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins" scrawled across the screen. This desolate area also serves as the stage for Fuel's haunting yet heavy performance.

The conceptual side of the video centers on several tattooed individuals who hide their pain for past transgressions either forever inked upon their body or hidden behind their eyes as there's something sorrowful about each person's current state. Get the full gist of the clip by watching the video above.

'Soul to Preach To' is featured on the band's new album, 'Puppet Strings,' which arrives online and in stores tomorrow (March 4). The disc can be purchased via iTunes and Amazon. The album is the band's first with longtime frontman Brett Scallions in over 10 years. The current lineup features guitarist Andy Andersson, bassist Brad Stewart and drummer Shannon Boone alongside Scallions.

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