When Gary Holt is shredding onstage with either Exodus or Slayer, you can't help but feel like the man wants to tear your face off. Holt's ultra-aggressive style is awesome in all ways, but it made us wonder, "Who would Gary Holt do away with if he could?" We've retrieved the answers to that question in a game we call To Exodus or Not to Exodus?

Gary Holt recently stopped by our studio for a round of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? and to chat about late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, so look out for those clips coming soon. While we had Gary over, we handed him a bucket full of names, things and ideas so the guitarist could systematically praise or dismantle whatever he pulled out.

In the clip above, you'll witness Gary's reaction to the Kardashians, cute animals, Justin Bieber, One Direction, self-flushing toilets, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and much more!

Though Gary Holt does reserve some anger directed at what he doesn't approve of, the shredder also shows his comedic side, offering hilarious quips on things he both loves and despises.

Watch Gary Holt play To Exodus or Not to Exodus? above! And be sure to look out for more content with Mr. Gary Holt coming your way soon.

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