After Geoff Tate's exit from Queensryche, the singer retained rights to the band's Operation: Mindcrime album and utilized the title to be the moniker for his new music, but what some may not have realized is that Operation: Mindcrime was not meant to be a long-term title.

Speaking with Minnesota's FM94 (as heard in the player above), Tate revealed the status of Operation: Mindcrime and it specifically being used for his album trilogy. With A New Reality being the final portion of that trilogy, Operation: Mindcrime will be coming to an end after support for the disc is complete.

"First off, it's not an actual band. Operation: Mindcrime is a group of different musicians all getting together to contribute to these three albums that I put together," explained Tate. "I believe, I can't remember exactly how many people played on the albums, but I believe it's something like 16 to 18 different musicians on these records."

He continued, "This group of musicians was put together specifically for this project. It was great working with everybody. I worked with several different writers contributing to the music and lots of different musicians, guitar players, bass players, drummers, keyboard players -- everybody that contributed did fantastic work. We recorded all the basic tracks for all three albums at the same time a couple of years ago and then, as I finished the records, the record company put them out once a year. And this is the last album of the trilogy and the last album for Operation: Mindcrime and it's coming out in December."

It remains unclear what working title Tate will take after Operation: Mindcrime, but the trilogy has given the singer a solid springboard for his post-Queensryche career.

Operation: Mindcrime's A New Reality officially arrives Dec. 1, and the group recently issued the new track "Wake Me Up" in advance of the disc. Tate and his band will hit the road in Europe in early 2018. See their dates here.

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