Last Friday (Aug. 11), Ghost and Amon Amarth performed at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, Mo. Prior to the event, attendees were instructed about the location’s restrictive – and allegedly unclear – face paint guidelines via social media, and now, the venue has issued an apology for the “miscommunication” and subsequent inconveniences.

On Aug. 9, the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre posted a series of policy photos alongside an announcement about the concert. In one of the pictures, they state the following: “Face paint or masks covering the face are not allowed while entering the venue or purchasing items at concessions. Any face coverings must be removable upon request.”

Understandably, they received plenty of questions regarding the rules in the corresponding comments sections.

For instance, one Facebook fan wrote: “I’m confused, I emailed you guys about the paint and was told it was fine. But then this post says while entering. Does this mean NO altogether or not until after check in? I’m fine not having it but this is confusing and I don’t want to be turned away.”

Hours later, the venue replied: “We do not allow face paint while entering the venue or if you are making purchases at concessions. Masks are fine as they can be removed for entrance / concessions.”

Another Facebook user shared a photo of fans in makeup, explaining: “You are aware of Ghost fans. This is what takes hours to apply & get it right. This is what our family does.”

Nevertheless, and knowingly or not, numerous concertgoers arrived in violation of those regulations. Consequently, Blabbermouth confirms, they were “either denied entry or told to remove the face paint by venue staff. This resulted in general confusion about what was and what was not allowed.”

Naturally, they posted about it on social media, too.

In response to one person implying last night (Aug. 12) that Ghost never told the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre to issue such a restriction, someone else claimed that the place was “so flip floppy w that rule it sucked. some people were allowed in w full papal paint, some were told only black face paint, and some were forced to wipe it all off. the hollywood casino venues in stl are so bad about being vague w rules until you get there.”

On the other hand, an attendee revealed a different experience on Facebook earlier today (Aug. 13): "So weird we didn't see anyone have issues..we stood in VIP line over an hour wirh people who had make up. They all got through security. And no one said a word to them. Sucks it happened. I have even to kiss shows there as wll... people wore kiss make up..."

Either way, the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre posted the following apology to social media last night (Aug. 12):

Thanks to everyone who joined us for an amazing Ghost show last night. On behalf of our crew, we’d like to apologize for a miscommunication about removing face paint. This was not directed by Ghost. If you experienced issues at last night’s show, please reach out to us at so we can improve for future shows.

Understandably, people are still upset. For example, one Twitter user commented: “It really sucked that a lot of us begged you to elaborate on your public Facebook and you refused to give answers. Your staff humiliated a LOT of fans at the gate.”

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Shortly thereafter, Ghost shared the venue’s apology on their own socials, adding: “[MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] We wish to inform you that we will ALWAYS encourage creative expression, we will NEVER stifle it.”

For the most part, devotees seemed to understand that it wasn’t the band’s fault, as they replied with support while disclosing their own negative experiences at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (and even at other Ghost concerts). Of course, a lot of people also praised the group while reminiscing about having a great time at prior shows.

Have you ever had a similar issue at a Ghost performance (or any other live music event)? Let us know!

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