Ghost have released a new video for their single "He Is" off their most recent full-length album Meliora which came out back in 2015.

The video, made for probably one of the band's softest and most delicate tracks, is equally pretty bright and playful. The clip follows singer Papa Emeritus around a church, as he plays the role of sensitive cult leader / church man, twirling a rose in between his fingers. We then cut to a congregation full of numerous beautiful women, all overjoyed to be in the presence of Emeritus.

All the editing throughout the video is as campy as one would hope, invoking light bloom onto the picture and giving everything a dreamlike quality. The entire congregation comes together in song, singing along to "He Is," while Emeritus and his friends come around to collect money from the church goers. At the end of it, he baptizes a bunch of women, and it ends as wild as it began with some minor NSFW moments.

Recently Papa Emeritus revealed his true identity as Tobias Forge, releasing a photo of himself sans any makeup. It was part of a larger interview, where Forge revealed a lot of personal details about his life, including his upbringing and relationship with his mother and siblings.

In another interview, Forge spoke about his relationship with touring mates Metallica and Iron Maiden, and what he's gained from touring with bands he's looked up to. “It’s, for me, very, very inspiring, and I’m happy that I have the luxury of seeing that. Metallica was also one of my brother’s favorite bands, so there’s definitely moments where – because he passed away, basically, just before Ghost happened – so there’s definitely moments there where it’s… You have that feeling of, ‘Look at this. I’m here watching this. Being asked to… just played on this stage now. There’s James Hetfield playing that song.'”

Check out "He Is" above!

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