Ghost’s new keyboardist may have already been identified. The fan theories have been spreading across the interwebs and the main suspect is Korn’s former behind-the-scenes keyboardist Zac Baird.

Baird departed from Korn in 2016 after 10 years of service with the nu-metal giants. Baird was one of Korn’s invisible live members, adding ambiance through his keyboard work offstage. He also performed on the track “Take Me” from Korn’s latest album, The Serenity of Suffering.

With the help of some readers, MetalSucks recently posted some tweets from Baird which imply his involvement in Ghost. Baird’s tweets are protected, so unless you’re following him and he follows you back, what he sends out is not publicly available. However, some fans captured some interesting screenshots:

It starts with tweets on March 13 and 14, revealing Baird is going on tour, but not with Korn:

Twitter: Zac Baird

On March 24, Baird kept his cryptic streak going:

Twitter: Zac Baird

And this one, ladies and gentlemen, can be referred to as the smoking gun. On the night of Ghost’s first performance in over four months, Baird tweeted a photo of a white electric keytar, which is identical to the one Ghost use while performing “Mummy Dust” in concert:

Twitter: Zac Baird

Very interesting stuff. Baird also shared a telling Instragram post, which is public:

So is it Zac Baird behind Ghost’s keyboardist? You can gather more clues for yourself during Ghost’s current run of dates in Europe.

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