In the building where the Devils play, Ghost fans got their taints tickled with a vibrant and hit-heavy set from the Swedish occultists. Loudwire was on-hand to experience Papa Emeritus IV’s inaugural North American tour, as was photographer Kevin Wilson, who captured stunning images from the live ritual.

It was a Satanic sandwich last night (Feb. 10) in Newark, N.J., as devilish doo-wop group Twin Temple warmed up the crowd with earworms such as the delightful “Sex Magick” and the sinister new banger “Let’s Have a Satanic Orgy.” Volbeat gave Newark a break from devil worship to crush a 16-song set leaning heavily on cuts from the band’s newest album, Servant of the Mind. The Danish arena rockers delivered a big-show feel from pillar to post, leaving the crowd euphoric for a brand new stage show from Tobias Forge and his band of ghouls.

Ghost opened with the theatrical “Kaisarion,” which leads off their upcoming Impera album. The former Cardinal Copia (now Papa Emeritus IV with a newly chiseled jawline) led his eight-piece band into “Rats” and “From the Pinnacle to the Pit” before hitting the show’s halfway mark with the new single “Hunter’s Moon,” which sounded especially awesome in a live setting.

“Faith is mine, motherf—kers!” Papa IV emoted as he thrusted his hips euphorically. Papa IV’s mood proved to be an infectious one. Joyous mosh pits broke out on the Prudential Center floor, looking more like games of Ring Around the Rosie than circle pits at a metal show… in the very best way. Papa IV even assured fans that “things will slowly get better” in the world and apologized to a security guard after accidentally kicking confetti onto the man’s head.

The wholesome night hit its climax with the one-two punch of “Dance Macabre” and “Square Hammer” — tracks with a rare magic that can lift even the most curmudgeonly concertgoer from their seat.

In summation, Ghost’s band of ghouls has never sounded tighter, despite officially hitting the Slipknot level of individual members. The band’s production is spectacular and Tobias Forge continues to creep up the list of greatest modern-day frontmen.

Check out our exclusive photo gallery of the concert below.

Ghost, Volbeat + Twin Temple (2/10/22)

Exclusive photos from Ghost's Feb. 10, 2022 concert with Volbeat and Twin Temple.

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