Glenn Hughes has one of rock's more impressive resumes, considering he played in both Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. He's also bounced around with some pretty impressive players in Black Country Communion and The Dead Daisies in recent years. So during a recent chat with Rockin' Metal Revival, the longtime singer-bassist was pressed about which guitarist that he's worked with over the years was the best. His answer? Gary Moore.

"I wanna go on record now. I'm going to list a few for you. I played with [Joe] Satriani, [Joe] Bonamassa, [Tony] Iommi and [Ritchie] Blackmore and Pat Thrall and Brian May and Jerry Cantrell and Warren Haynes. I could go on and list them. And Mel Galley and Tommy Bolin. I mean, I could carry on. But my favorite… I really want you to push this one. My dearest old friend — we started working together in 1979, Gary Moore was the best," proclaimed Hughes.

Just as a refresher, Hughes worked with Moore on the guitarist's 1985 album, Run for Cover. For Moore, it was his fifth solo album after leaving Thin Lizzy. That record featured the singles "Out in the Fields" and "Empty Rooms," though neither featured Hughes on vocals. His primary vocal contributions came on "Reach for the Sky," "Nothing to Lose" and "All Messed Up" on the album.

Reflecting on their time spent together, Hughes added, "Now, people, understand me now, Gary and I were very close. We made the album Run for Cover. When I look back at Gary and I working together and him playing in my studio and sitting in my home on the couch writing songs, that guy was un-be-lie-va-ble. I mean, un-be-lie-va-ble. Again, all those people I spoke about, 10 iconic guitar players. I mean, I've played with them all, and I'm very proud to say. Bonamassa right now is… I mean, Joe's incredible. And Ritchie [and] Tony. But Gary Moore…"

Moore died in 2011 at the age of 58. Speaking with Guitar World the following year, Hughes recalled that his drinking curtailed them working together further back in the '80s, but he still held Moore in high regard despite their musical split. "I want to point out to your readers that Gary Moore was the most ferocious, innovative guitar player ever. His melodies were off the charts. He was a great friend, and we made our pact toward the end of his life, becoming friends again," said Hughes at the time.

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These days, Hughes has been touring while putting a spotlight on the Deep Purple album Burn. Dates can be found here. He's also been back at work with Black Country Communion of late with the group starting work on a new album earlier this summer.

Glenn Hughes Speaks With Rockin' Metal Revival

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