When seeing Goatwhore vocalist Ben Falgoust onstage, he brings some serious intensity and energy. Another thing about Falgoust is that he is from New Orleans and with a lot of influential metal bands hailing from the South, we asked him about the music scene.

“It’s funny because when people think of all the bands from there like Down and Crowbar and all that stuff, you kind of get this idea that the city is huge but it’s not compared to New York or Chicago or Los Angeles,” says Falgoust.

He continues, “I live in the suburbs and it literally takes me 10 minutes to get to city center and the scene is really closely knit and tight. Even growing up I remember I would go to Houston to go see shows because a lot of shows skipped us, so me and a couple friends would jump in the vehicle I had and we’d head to Houston for the evening and then drive back overnight or the next day. I did see a lot of awesome shows growing up in New Orleans and they had a lot of awesome places that don’t currently exist now."

Falgoust goes on to talk about performing in his hometown. "It’s kind of like a roller coaster. We’ll play some shows and they’re packed and sometimes you play and it’s literally maybe a hundred people. It all depends and it’s the same with tours when they come through. Some tour like Hatebreed will come through and you think, ‘Damn this s--- is going to be f---ing sold out at House of Blues’ and you go in there and there’s 400 people. Some of these bands that you been on the road with and you know they’ve had 1,500 plus people and then they roll into town and you’re like, ‘Where the hell is everybody at?’”

Goatwhore will be performing at Philip Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Festival taking place in Austin, Texas, in late October.


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