New Orleans crushers Goatwhore are just under a month away from the release of their latest album Vengeful Ascension. They just debuted the lyric video for the song "Chaos Arcane" that you can check out above. The track is based on an H.P. Lovecraft character who attempts to recount the inexplicable sense of fear in expectancy of an unknown evil.

Flat out, "Chaos Arcane" is a true pit-starter. With rapid-fire drumming, crushing guitar and brutal vocals, the song is a fitting of being on a disc the band titled Vengeful Ascension.

The album was recorded on reel-to-reel at Earth Analog in Illinois with their longtime soundman Jarrett Pritchard (1349). It was their first album not produced by Erik Rutan since 2003. “Working with Rutan was awesome,” says frontman Ben Falgoust. “We did some great records with him. But you come to a point where you’re like, ‘All right. Let’s try something new.’"

He continues, "It was part of trying to remove ourselves from a comfort zone and a risk thing we needed to take. Plus, we really wanted to hit the essence of where we are live and what better way to harness that than by having our live sound guy involved. Jarrett is knowledgeable with the studio stuff. He also knows how we sound coming out of a PA and we really wanted to get closer to that.”

Goatwhore just wrapped up a tour with Amon Amarth, and after a brief break will get back on the road. They are kicking off a headlining tour with Anciients June 9 in San Antonio, Texas. Pre-orders for Vengeful Ascension can be placed at the Metal Blade webstore.

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