If you’re a punk fan and haven’t gotten around to jamming Frenzal Rhomb, we’ve got a mandatory assignment for you. With the band’s new album, Hi Vis High Tea, hitting shelves today, Frenzal proved that they’re truly one of those bands that gets better with age.

Frenzal Rhomb have been legends down under for two decades, receiving mainstream airplay after releasing Not So Tough Now in 1996. Each album since has been packed with punk rock gems, often garnering comparisons to NOFX for their mastery of quick, harmony-heavy and hilarious songs. After a five-year break, Frenzal Rhomb unleashed Smoko at the Pet Food Factory in 2011, arguably their best album to-date, but Hi Vis High Tea is right there in terms of quality.

Hi Vis High Tea hits all the classic points of Frenzal Rhomb’s sonic character. The first single released, “C—t Act,” takes on the most annoying aspects of humanity in list and animated form, using Frenzal’s all-time favorite word to stamp those who deserve to be taken down a peg. “I’m Shelving Stacks (As I’m Stacking Shelves)” delivers on Frenzal’s anthemic and “sick-of-life” side in a track that forces constant replays immediately after the bite-sized track ends. The boys also just dropped a lyric video for “Classic Pervert,” throwing themselves and fellow Aussie musicians under the bus, with love.

Finding brilliant new punk music tends to be increasingly difficult, especially since the 2000s pop-punk / punk rock boom long died off in the mainstream. Unless your band name happens to be named Green Day or Blink-182, radio play is nonexistent, bringing our favorite four-chord tunes back into the underground. Frenzal Rhomb continue to flip the finger to what’s trendy, sticking to what made them favorites amongst the punks back in the ‘90s.

Frenzal Rhomb just keep aging like fine goon, even when writing songs about the time vocalist Jay Whalley had a pig tapeworm removed from his brain… seriously. Check out Frenzal’s new music above and below, and be sure to pick up a copy of their new album, Hi Vis High Tea.

Frenzal Rhomb, "C--t Act"

Frenzal Rhomb, "Classic Pervert"

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