It's been seven years since the world was last graced with a new God Dethroned record and that drought will finally be coming to an end! The band recently announced their comeback album, The World Ablaze, and have just issued a music video for the war-torn title track.

The album will complete God Dethroned's World War I trilogy that began with Passiondale in 2009 and the music video plays on these themes, splicing in clips of soldiers lining trenches with barbed wire, horse-led cavalries and cannon-fire with the band performing onstage. Musically, "The World Ablaze" maintains a swift balance of blast-beat backed melodies, ironclad rhythms and anthemic leads with thunderous floor tom strikes, embodying the more triumphant aspects of war.

"This song is a mix between epic melodies and fast but catchy riffs and a song where Mike Ferguson shows off his skills as a lead guitar player. The lyrics deal with the war then, but can also be projected on the current situation in the world," commented Sattler.

The World Ablaze will be released on May 5 through Metal Blade. Pre-order options can be explored here with a variety of formats, including colored vinyl and bundle selections. This is the first new record from God Dethroned since 2010's Under the Sign of the Iron Cross as well as their first since reuniting in 2014 after a two year split.

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