Godsmack singer Sully Erna has found a way to pass the time while rehabbing his knee, on which he recently had surgery. He has been busy Tweeting photos of his recovering joint and of his physical therapists. Erna had been quiet on Twitter for the past few months, but he's back in action, killing time while healing.

He shared a photo of his bruised, battered and Band-Aid covered knee, posting: "Finally found some time to repair my knee that has been injured for some time now. It's not pretty, But I'll be back!"

It's definitely not pretty, but at least it's healing so he can get back out on the road again.

He also tweeted a photo of his knee wrapped in a contraption, writing: "Ok. This one feels wierd(sic).... Ice water circulating and squeezing my leg, while electricity makes my muscles jump." We see Sully has great taste in athletic trainers, too!

He mused about water and an electric current being used in concert, writing: "Isn't water and electricity normally a bad idea?? : (" Yes, it usually is, but he's in good medical hands.

Erna then joked: "And people say we don't do enough for our fans. I've given you my leg damn it!! But I want it back now."

This type of therapy is foreign turf for Erna, who up until now, was somewhat of a surgery virgin! He revealed: "Up until now, never had a stitch, never broke a bone. Plus I had the team specialist for Boston Celtics Dr. Brian McKeon do the surgery."

Despite dealing with strengthening and conditioning his knee, he is positive he will be same old Sully soon enough, thanks to his team of specialists. He posted: "He's the best! Now I'm in sports rehab. And this is the guy that's gonna make me strong like bull again! Haha I'm Avatar baby! Watch me go.

As previously reported, Godsmack are gearing up for a tour with Staind, although no official announcement has been made as of yet.

Check out Photos of Erna's Surgically Repaired Knee: