One of the more fun and interesting parts of Godsmack's 'Live & Inspired' disc has been the cover songs they took on for the studio portion of the release. Having already shot up the charts with their take on Joe Walsh's 'Rocky Mountain Way,' the group is now moving on to their Beatles cover, 'Come Together.'

For the video for the track, the band let director Ian Barrett have access to the actual recording sessions for the song. With some artistic additions, Barrett features quick-hitting shots of the band members with some shaky looking camera work and a few video scratches in the visuals to give it that film quality. Plus, to add a little atmosphere, the video also takes the viewer out of the darkly lit studio into the daylight and surroundings of the area where they recorded.

Whereas a lot of videos focus solely on the lead singer, Sully Erna shares plenty of screen time with drummer Shannon Larkin, guitarist Tony Rombola, and bassist Robbie Merrill during the clip.

Larkin says in a new interview with the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival site that there's no video trickery in this clip, adding, "Normally the song will be recorded and then the band will go back in the studio, put their headphones on, and pretend they're recording for the music video. This was real. It wasn't staged or anything. It's really cool."

The drummer adds that it's also pure coincidence that he's wearing a Beatles shirt in the clip, adding, "I had no idea we were doing the video that day. Sully had it all hooked up and didn't tell us [laughs]." The drummer says that he figured wearing the Beatles shirt would give him a little extra mojo while recording the song, but the intent wasn't to have it for the video at all.

The timing of the Beatles cover couldn't be more perfect, as there's been renewed interest thanks to Paul McCartney's appearance at the Olympics, the recent 'Tomorrow Never Dies' iTunes compilation, and even the Arctic Monkeys cover of 'Come Together' during the Olympic ceremonies helping pave the way.

Godsmack's 'Live & Inspired' disc is in stores now. The band is heading up the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival beginning Aug. 17.

Watch Godsmack's 'Come Together' Video