Nepotism in the music industry? Never ... well, maybe almost never. When Godsmack had trouble finding a director for their new "Bulletproof" video, singer Sully Erna turned to family -- distant family -- as he hires his cousin Salvatore Pasquale from Sicily to oversee the video. But the novice director doesn't exactly deliver what the band wants, undergoing a series of mishaps on the shoot and leaving the guys considering going back to Sebastian Bach and Billy Ray Cyrus, who initially pitched to shoot the video.

In reality, Godsmack are going a little meta, with director Troy Smith helming the video in which Erna portrays both himself and Pasquale, while the other band members also get a chance to show off some acting chops in other roles. The band's actual manager Paul Geary makes a cameo, setting up interviews with a series of extreme directors -- a military drill sergeant, a preacher, an earthly guru and yes, both Bach and Cyrus among them -- before Sully calls in his cousin, who refers to the band as "Godsmash" and fumbles his way through the shoot. Watch the "Director's Cut" video above for all of the hilarity and cringeworthy mishaps.

Erna reveals, "I wrote most of it and had some contributions from Troy Smith and Kenny Funk," but Pasquale intervenes, "This a scripta was a no good from beginning. I tella Selly, Why you no call me before. I could make a you something so stronga. But no, my cousin, he no like no help from a no one. So now looka what happen."

Sully adds, "We just really enjoy having fun and laughing. Music is about entertainment just as much as it's about the art. And we want to share what we do with audiences of all ages. The band discussed having me direct this debut video, so I just ran with that concept and twisted it up. Comedy is nothing more than reality exaggerated. And anyone who doesn't enjoy a fun video like this, is simply taking life much too seriously."

Pasquale, however, was not exactly thrilled, adding, "I no wanna do this approacha ... Selly know nothing about making a filma. Next time-a you wanna make a something nice, you call-a Pasquale and he make a you best video eva! Molto Bene! I no need answer no more. Ciao!"

"Bulletproof" is the lead single from Godsmack's upcoming album When Legends Rise, which is due April 27 via BMG. You can pre-order the effort here.

The band is hitting the road this spring in support of the disc, with dates beginning on April 27, album release day, at Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville, Fla. See all of their stops here.

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