Season 5 of 'The Walking Dead' is under way, and this time around, Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin has signed on to offer up a weekly recap of each episode exclusively on Loudwire. Check out his look at Episode 2 ('Strangers') below:

Here we go, gnarly slo-mo of our badasses, and Michonne bashes in the face of a walker in the first minute. The whole gang is here and on the move. I guess for now the Termites are safe, as it appears the mission is to get Eugene to Washington, D.C. Despite his detractors, Abraham certainly believes Eugene has a possible cure for the infection.

Moving through the woods we come across a priest named Gabriel on a big rock surrounded by walkers. The dead don’t stand a chance against Sheriff Rick and the crew, and are dealt with quick-like. Father Gabe leads us to his church and seems nervous, but nothing fishy yet. It’s hard to trust anyone now, innit? Living or dead. Especially living.

Gabriel tells the group of a small town where there could be food and supplies, so Rick and Michonne, along with Bob and Sasha, decide to stock up and go on a run, taking the priest with them and leaving Tyreese and Carl with baby Judith at the church.

Soggy basement waterlogged zombies are sick! I never get tired of this. This is some top-notch make-up work, and the DP shot this perfectly creepy.

We all make it out with some good supplies and no casualties and head back to church. Things make you wonder what really happened here; the seed is sown that all might not be peachy with Father Gabriel. But safe in the church with food and drink, Abraham convinces the group to indeed help him get Eugene to DC with the cure that will make the walkers all die the true death again and set the reset button for humanity.

Outside, dark. Carol with Daryl getting some wheels when a car races by ... its Beth, but not alone. They jump in the car and pursue!

Cut to Bob contemplating alone outside and taken down by a hooded dude! What the ...? Commercial! S--t!

So now I want a Blue Moon and some Arby’s. Maybe a Slim Jim…

Termites! The dude we all wanna punch! I feel dumb now for not guessing that.

Anyway, they got Bob, and they are cannibalistic hunters looking for meat.

Camera pulls back revealing Bob has lost a leg. Leader dude talks s--t and proceeds to eat a hunk of meat and tell Bob he tastes better than they thought he would. Cut to a bunch of the cannibals eating hunks with Bob’s leg on the spit with only the foot remaining. A strangely beautiful scene by firelight.

But I did like Bob. Er, do like Bob? Perhaps he gets rescued but missing a few limbs? How could he survive the apocalypse then? It’s impossible, innit? I liked Bob, but he’s done for!

I’ll say here, I’m not worried about spoiler alerts because this is written and comes out days after the episode airs. But if you accidentally read this before watching … sorry. But sometimes I like to read the book before I see the movie anyway, and dream about it later in a sweat-soaked fervor.

I’ll holla after Episode 3! Cheers! Apocalypse!

Our thanks to Shannon Larkin for his recap of Episode 2 of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5. Godsmack recently released their latest album, '1000hp,' which is available at iTunes and Amazon.

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