Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin has signed on to offer up a weekly recap of each episode of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 exclusively on Loudwire. Check out his look at Episode 7 ('Crossed') below:

We got Daryl and Noah back at the church with the gang. Getting the plan together to go back into ATL and the hospital to rescue Carol and Beth, they get Rick and Tyreese and Sasha along for the ride, with Carl and Michonne staying with the preacher and baby Judith at the church. The preacher is still acting weird. He’s got some serious issues.
We are getting all the characters in this episode, jumping back and forth, which is different than the previous episodes this season. I like it.

Abraham is trippin’, still all freaked out. The group is trying to figure their next move out. Back to Rick and the gang, and Rick is plotting out how to get in the hospital and take out the bad guys quick and quiet like. In a weird twist, Daryl sides with Tyreese’s idea of kidnapping a couple of the cops to use to trade for Beth and Carol over Rick’s plan to take em’ out. I liked Rick’s plan, and I wouldn’t trust any of those cops as far as I could throw em’.

Back at the church, Carl tries to help the preacher by offering to teach him how to defend himself. Meanwhile at the hospital, Beth overhears Dawn talking to one of her cops about Noah, then Carol. Apparently, they have Carol on life support machines, and they decide she’s not worth saving, and make the decision to turn off the machines. If she lives, she lives. Suddenly Dawn seems to do a good thing and gives Beth the keys to the drug locker and tells her to save Carol’s life. I can’t figure crazy Dawn out. One minute she’s smacking people for no apparent reason, and the next she’s trying to help. She is still crazy.

Back with Glenn and Maggie and their group (now dubbed "GREATM," which is the first letter of each of their names. Thanks Tara!) on the road. We finally see some walkers, and Eugene, who is unresponsive after Abe’s beating. Abe just sits motionless on his knees staring into space.

Back at the hospital, Beth talks to Dr. Steven and gets the drug name that could save Carol, then we switch back to Glenn, Rosita and Tara and get some back story on Abraham and Eugene via Rosita. Switch to two of Dawn’s cops getting caught by Rick and the gang, then rescued almost as quick as they were caught. A chase ensues and we see some gnarly looking melted zombies.

There’s a good brawl between Daryl and one of the cops in which Daryl rips a walkers head off and uses it to smash the cop upside the head. Awesome scene! Rick shows up and again, Daryl talks him out of killing the cop. I am again with Rick – it’s the apocalypse for Christ sakes, and the cop had just tried to kill Daryl so…they capture the cops, again, and start a plan in which the cops will help them resolve the situation without people dying. I can’t trust these cops though.

Back to Glenn, Rosita, and Tara taking care of some walkers with their blades and foraging. They get some goodies off the bodies and catch some fish. We switch to Michonne back at the church, trying to talk some sense into the strange preacher, who retreats to his room. Alone, he starts tearing up the floorboards. Got me really wondering what this dude’s deal is.

Back to the hospital, and Beth is getting the drugs for Carol with a little help from strawberries. I can imagine how important fruit would be in the apocalypse – priceless. Anyway, she gets away with the drug and administers it to a sleeping Carol.
Back to Tyreese and Sasha and the heavy drama that Sasha is going through in a brief scene, then cut to the priest going through his floorboards and leaving under the church unseen by the others. I’m tellin' ya, he’s a strange one.

Flash to Rick talking to Bob (the helpful cop) and getting ready to go confront Dawn, then back to our weird preacher who is now alone in the woods. A completely gnarly zombie woman attacks, and he throws her down, picks up a big rock, and can’t bring himself to end her existence as he sees a cross necklace around her neck. He walks away, leaving her disemboweled body lying there reaching for him making the sounds of the dead and hungry.

Back to Bob the cop, who lays some story on Sasha, opening up to her. I wanna trust this cop, he seems OK to me, and he’s obviously going through some s--t (but isn’t everybody?). He saw a walker he knew, and Sasha volunteers to put it down for him.
Back to Maggie who once again approaches Abraham who is still stoic and on his knees staring off into nothing. He seems to snap out of it finally, and we hear Eugene waking up.

Switch to Sasha helping Bob and BOOM! She trusted him and turned her back and he knocks her out and takes off! Damn. I wanted to trust him too. See? Trust no one dead or alive when the world is ending. I know it sounds messed up, but time and time again people are just bad. At least with the walkers you know exactly what you’re getting. Humans? Ya never know…so you never trust. Best to stick with your group and keep on truckin’. Interaction can and will happen, but never let down your guard. 'Cause in this dead world, only time can tell, and every second could be your last.

Stoked for next week! I hope it keeps the multi-group filming style, as it keeps the excitement level up (even though there wasn’t much zombie action in this episode), and also makes the pace roll! So, until next week… Apocalypse!

Our thanks to Shannon Larkin for his recap of Episode 7 of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5. Godsmack recently released their latest album, '1000hp,' which is available at iTunes and Amazon.

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