Godsmack are currently on tour with the traveling Uproar Festival with Shinedown, Staind, Papa Roach and many more. During the Aug. 31 date in Pittsburgh, Pa., a shirtless fan jumped onstage during Godsmack's set, and after running around a bit, placed a hat atop the head of frontman Sully Erna. Multiple security guards tackled the fan with the intensity of an NFL linebacker, which prompted Erna to stop midway through a song and give the guards a piece of his mind.

Godsmack had just begun to play 'Awake' when the fan rushed the stage. Erna didn't seem to mind when a fan put a red hat on the frontman, but security at the venue seemed to feel differently. The video of the incident shows two guards running towards the fan and tackling him from opposite directions. The video is a bit shaky, but it appears the guards roughed the fan up a little bit before getting ready to throw him out.

With his eyes locked on the situation occurring on the side of the stage, Erna stopped playing and said, "Way f---ing unnecessary guys. Put him down, seriously, that's crazy. The kid put a hat on me, it's okay. I don't need a f---king medic, let him go back and enjoy the show. It's called f---ing rock 'n' roll."

The fans in the crowd cheered on Erna, before Godsmack carried on from the second verse of 'Awake.'

After the Dimbag Darrell onstage shooting and the recent Randy Blythe situation, it's not surprising that security took action to bring down the fan after he approached Erna onstage, but did they act in a manner which was overly forceful? Take a took at the footage and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

[Thanks to Bob at 105.9 The X for the tip.]

Fan Gets Tackled by Security During Godsmack Performance