There have been a lot of great guitar players over the years, so you'll have to forgive Godsmack's Tony Rombola if he wants to go beyond the parameters of an exercise. While recently chatting with The Music Experience's Squiggy for this edition of Gear Factor powered by Sweetwater, Rombola couldn't just keep his list narrowed to who he'd put on his Mount Rushmore of rock guitarists.

So who made the list? "[Jimi] Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and you know, Eric Johnson," rolled off Rombola's tongue immediately, before he added, "I love Eric Gales. There are so many players. I love Randy Rhoads. Oh man, Jimmy Page. There's a long list for me."

One other name, who did have a big impact on Rombola is Black Sabbath riff maven Tony Iommi. While reflecting on his start in music, Rombola stated that Iommi was responsible for creating the riff that first got him interested in guitar. "It was probably Black Sabbath and I'd say 'Iron Man.' It was a simple ... I learned bar chords from Black Sabbath. You can just move it around, Tony Iommi style, and you're up and running," says Rombola with a smile, who adds that "Iron Man" also might have been the first song he learned to play.

These days, Rombola is rocking riffs with muscular passion onstage with the help of his PRS guitars. Rombola says that he's become a real fan of PRS guitars and has been proud to rock them over the past four years since inking a deal with PRS. "It's comforting playing a bunch of guitars that are consistent. They all sound great and do everything I need 'em to do, both live and in the studio," says the guitarist.

You can catch Rombola on the road with Godsmack playing his PRS guitars at these locations. And for all your gear needs, be sure to visit

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