Gojira have released another new video from Magma. This time, the French metal act shot a clip for one of the album’s most emotional tracks, “Low Lands.”

Watch now! Open your eyes! The clip for “Low Lands” was actually directed by Alain Duplantier, the cousin of Gojira’s Joe and Mario Duplantier. “Low Lands” splits its screen time between shots inside an empty house and a massive flame outdoors. The members of Gojira fade in and out in front of the fire, while puzzling footage of a woman with an umbrella adds another layer to “Low Lands.”

“We are releasing a new video for the song ‘Low Lands,’” says Joe Duplantier. “It is an intimate and poetic piece directed by our dear cousin and friend Alain Duplantier. One of the ‘characters’ featured in this film is ‘Gayeres,’ the family house where Mario and I grew up. We jammed to our first songs, started Gojira, and recorded most of our albums there. Our sister Gabrielle also contributed to the making of this video. We want to thank all the wonderful people who worked hard to make this happen and all our fans for supporting us with so much passion and respect. We hope you'll enjoy the trip as much as we do.”

Much of Magma was impacted by the death of the Duplantier brothers’ mother. The added distress brought a new dynamic to Gojira’s music, which has received and overwhelmingly positive reception by fans.

Check out Gojira’s new video for “Low Lands” above. Gojira will be touring North America later this year. For the full list of shows, click here.

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