Great White singer Jack Russell recently found himself involved in a boat crash of all things, but in this case he was happy not to be the cause of the trouble.

The singer told Metal Sludge that he and his wife were kicking back aboard their boat when they heard a huge boom. It was another drunken sailor who had collided into the rear of their vessel. Russell says, "I went onto the back deck and this drunk guy in a sailboat had crashed into the back of our boat. Fortunately the damage to ours was minimal and he had insurance. I took his info and had him shove off before Harbor Patrol showed up. No sense in him going to jail. After all, his boat suffered some serious damage."

Russell says he and his wife shared a laugh afterward, as he joked, "I'm just glad it wasn't the other way around." He adds, "It's nice to be sober again. Until next time, remember don't drink and sail."

The singer and the remaining members of Great White have been at odds ever since Russell left to address his health issues. After hearing he wasn't welcome back and that the group had replaced him, he formed his own version of the band called Jack Russell's Great White and the two acts are currently battling over who owns the rights to the moniker.

Great White are known for their 1989 hit 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy,' but perhaps are even more known for their involvement in one of the worst tragedies in rock history, when their 2003 show at the Station Club in Rhode Island turned into an inferno that killed 100 people.

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