Ever listen to death metal and think it could really use more blood and guts? Somehow, you’re not alone! Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Goregrind Bands!

So what is goregrind? Take the characteristics of grindcore and death metal, then mix it up with gore-obsessed lyrics, medical themes, disgusting production and gurgly gutturals as if you were drowning in a pool of innards. Now that you’re all caught up, you’re ready to check out some of metal’s most extreme music!

Carcass are widely cited as the originators of goregrind due to the insanity of their music and the utilization of medical textbooks to bring a mastery of forensics into metal. It could easily take you longer to read a Carcass song title than to hear a full track, thanks to terms like “Mucopurulence Excretor” and "Microwaved Uterogestation.” Don’t even try to read Carcass’ later song titles unless you’re a PhD candidate.

You can thank California grinders Exhumed for coining the term “gore metal” and releasing one of the quintessential goregrind albums, Gore Metal, in 1998. You’ll often find goregrind bands releasing split CDs and 7” records together, like Exhumed did with fellow gore pioneers Haemorrhage in 1995.

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