Green Day are now Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. It seems like yesterday they were just a young band getting a start in the music industry, but millions of albums sold, lots of radio play and hundreds of concerts rocked later, the band has reached vaunted status. But it all wouldn't have happened had it not been for the support of the fans.

That's an idea that isn't lost on frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, as the rocker took to his Instagram account to deliver a heartfelt message to the fans in the aftermath of their Rock Hall induction. It reads as follows:

I can't express enough how much love is in my heart for all of you in our green day community.
for me to try to put it into words almost feels awkward.
sometimes I don't always like to use the word "fan". I think I can speak on behalf of me mike and Tre when I call you family or community. Because you all truly grew up together with us and shared this journey together.
this is more than an award. it's the privilege to play music, write songs and follow this psychotic passion called rock n roll.

and We share this honor together. because honestly YOU ARE our rock n roll hall of fame.
idiot nation forever

rage and love
Billie Joe

During the band's induction Saturday night (April 18), they discussed their indie roots and made it abundantly clear that even though they're receiving a career honor, they're far from done when it comes to making music.

As with most inductees, Green Day had a chance to play a mini-set to salute their history. The group chose "American Idiot," "When I Come Around" and "Basket Case" as their three-song performance.

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