What started off as an interview with Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal offering advice to young musicians turned into an attack on Axl Rose by the time it was retold by British music magazine NME and the musician isn't happy about it.

The guitarist initially spoke with Ryze-Up magazine offering a few tips on how to succeed in the music industry. His official comment stated, "1. Be on time. By 'on time' I mean 'be early.' Make sure you're there for when you need to be -- wait in your car, communicate, let them know 10 minutes early that you'll be there in five minutes and walk in five minutes later." He went on to list items like "be prepared" and 'be cool,' but it was the "on time" comment that got twisted.

Metal Hammer picked up the story and ran it with their own commentary about Axl Rose's notorious tardiness, which NME then picked up and attributed to Bumblefoot. The offending line that raised Bumblefoot's ire read, "Remember kids, only massive goobers make a habit of not being on time."

After reading the NME version of the story, Bumblefoot took to his Facebook page with a response. He stated in his posting:

Some 'info' sites will twist anything into an attack on Axl [Rose], LOL (only way to get more readers and hike up rates on advertisers, I guess … ) NME is 'not' a legit source of music info by any stretch. Not only do they make up quotes that aren't true (I've NEVER used the term 'massive goobers' in my life, LOL). I also didn't speak to Metal Hammer. NME is using a piece of an interview I did with Ryze-Up magazine. If NME is going to point fingers, they should have more integrity and class in what 'they' do, yes?"

I'm at the venue early, I'll have dinner with the crew, watch opening acts, get warmed up, I'm at every meet-n-greet, and I'm ready to get on stage at show time. That's me. My advice was for musicians starting out, hopefully it served its positive purpose ☺.