No matter how many times you’ve seen Gwar on tour they always bring a new level of hilarity and grotesqueness intermixed with fun and otherworldly creativity. It was no exception this time around as they celebrate 30 Years of torment that they’ve brought to their loyal human fans. The New York crowd got bloody fast as Gwar soaked the walls, floors and audience at Webster Hall.

The alien metallers were equipped with a giant screen onstage as it showed their discovery of various social media sites on the Web such as “SpewTube,” “Fistbook,” “S--tter,” and numerous others (their screen also included a very cute cat meme.)

The band took to the interwebs to find Beefcake love as he got a message from a groupie on Fistbook, but she turned out to be a he. The gang also went online to order some serious drugs but fans went on a natural high (and a not so natural high) as the band cranked out favorites “Let Us Slay,” “Sadaam a Go-Go” and “Bloodbath.”

Every guest that Gwar brings onstage gets their face ripped off and head decapitated, that's expected right? A television anchor from “Fux News” met his fate with an alien version of an ISIS member onstage and then said ISIS member met his fate as Gwar members beheaded him. Kanye West and Hilary Clinton also graced the stage and got massacred to for fans' enjoyment. Did we mention the full-on awesome mutant fights?

The encore included notable hateful anthems “The Salaminizer” and “Sick of You.” Fan left with sore necks, drenched clothes and hoarse voices-- if you leave a Gwar show with your white shirt still being white then you didn’t have fun. Seeing Gwar live is a sensory overload and getting dirty is all a part of the experience.

Of course, late members Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) and Flattus Maximus (Cory Smoot) were missed, but fans made it clear that the stellar legacy of Gwar will continue to live on.

Battlecross hit the stage beforehand and zoomed through their set with utter force. Hair flew and heads banged to numerous heavy hitting tracks from their brand new album Rise to Power. At the very end of their set, Gwar guitarist Pustulus came out onstage with Battlecross and they performed a cover of Pantera’s “F---ing Hostile” which surely got the crowd's blood pumping.

Born of Osiris were originally set to be a part of this tour but had to drop off due to their guitarist's foot injury. Hometown band Syka opened up the show with an energetic performance. While the clean cut, melodic rock act didn’t quite fit the bill musically, they did gave a lively performance and even got the attention of some diehard Gwar fans.

Check out our photo gallery above of Gwar, Battlecross and Syka performing in New York City.

10 Hilarious Gwar Moments:

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