You know it’s a good time when Gwar come to town and they did not disappoint with their performance at Irving Plaza on Sunday night (Oct. 23) in New York City as they headline their Return of the World Maggot Tour. The night was full of eccentric bands including support acts Everytime I Die, Ghoul and Gunfire-N-Sodomy.

With their elaborate costumes and stage set-up, it was difficult not to get caught up in the gorey fun of it all. Their set was complete with multiple robot/monster fights as well as the inevitable fake blood spraying all over the crowd. Security guards even took caution by wearing ponchos.

Halloween came a week early for these East Coast fans as they belted out Gwar anthems with frontman / frontmonster Oderus Urungus. Among the highlights were ‘Zombies March,’ ‘Bring Back the Bomb,’ ‘The Salaminizer’ and numerous others.

Although Everytime I Die did not come out in costume or spray red food coloring and water all over fans, or have robots wrestling, the band gave one of the most energetic and earsplitting performances of the night. The Buffalo, New Yorkers got crowd surfers going as they performed ‘No Son of Mine,’ ‘We’rewolf,’ ‘ Bored Stiff,’ ‘Wanderlust’ and many more.

The West Coast thrash metalers of Ghoul gave fans their first taste of epic robots onstage as it looked like Rob Zombie meets the transformers during their set.

The sadistic yet humorous minds that make up the acoustic death metal band (that’s right acoustic death metal) Gunfire-N-Sodomy opened up the show with an attention-grabbing set. These New York natives spread their thoughts of sex, alcohol and murder and fans seemed to love it.

Return of the World Maggot tour runs until Nov. 27 where it wraps up in New Haven, Conn., so grab a white t-shirt and join the blood bath! For a full list of dates go here.

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