Screw the Tide Pods, kids have moved on to drinking boiled tampon juice to get their kicks. Instead of a viral dare challenge, however, the youth of Indonesia are simply getting high off whatever chemicals are used in the production of tampons and pads. GWAR got a load of this news story, and of course, had some insightful comments to offer exclusively to Loudwire.

The original story was published at Jawa Pos on Nov. 6 and has been getting plenty of attention since. After boiling sanitary pads in water for an hour, Indonesian kids are drinking the liquid, which reportedly gives users the feeling of flying and hallucinating.

"The materials they're using are legal, but they're not being used in a way that's intended, so it ends up being used like a drug," the Indonesian National Drug Agency, BNN, comment. "We need to take steps to educate people that there are materials that aren’t classified as drugs or psychotropics in the eyes of the law, but can still be misused."

GWAR offered their own comments on the subject, as they’ve long been experts in all things hallucinatory. “Ahhh! They have finally discovered my hidden scrolls containing the secrets to ultimate debauchery! This was a closely guarded pre-show ritual until now!” says guitarist Pustulus Maximus.

“Sounds like harmless fun,” adds vocalist Blothar. “I drank my share of the blood of minstrels, wait...are we talking blackface minstrels here, because I don’t condone that at all...that’s just gross.”

GWAR also attempted to get a reaction from Megyn Kelly, but failed, as she didn’t understand the problematic nature of Blothar’s comment.

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