We’ve got a new episode of 'Epic Rock Tales' for you! In this animated clip, late GWAR front-thing Oderus Urungus remembers the time police bushwhacked him and cut off his giant cuttlefish sex organ with a laser saw.

This recollection came from the intergalactic rock star’s ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ segment filmed shortly before Oderus returned to the great battleship in the sky. Wikipedia claimed that Oderus was arrested for obscenity in North Carolina, with his beloved cuttlefish taken into custody. However, Oderus told us what really happened in our exclusive segment.

It turns out Oderus was tricked by North Carolina police. After they offered GWAR’s alien overlord a bunch of confiscated drugs, but trapped Oderus and brutally removed his cuttlefish. Tipper Gore was in possession of Oderus’ sex organ for some time, but she was forced to return it to authorities.

Though Oderus was able to grow another cuttlefish, he never forgot about his original herpes-encrusted companion. Rumor has it the original cuttlefish had been spotted around the world and was searching for its owner up until Oderus’ departure from this planet.

Watch Oderus Urungus’ recollection of his cuttlefish catastrophe in this episode of Epic Rock Tales!

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