GWAR lives!!! The metal world recently mourned the death of GWAR frontman and mastermind Dave Brockie while pondering the future of the intergalactic act. Now, it seems like we might have the answer, as GWAR have announced that they will perform at the fifth annual GWAR-B-Q.

Brockie's passing left a giant hole in GWAR's creative foundation, but although Oderus Urungus has returned to the stars, GWAR's occupation of Planet Earth will continue on for at least one more performance. However, it's important to also point out that GWAR is currently on the bill for the 2014 Chicago Riot Fest stop.

According to mutant penguins from GWAR's home base of Antarctica, GWAR's gig at the fifth annual GWAR-B-Q may or may not be led by former bassist Mike Bishop, who was the first to take on the character of Beefcake the Mighty. Along with Bishop handling vocal duties, additional original Scumdog members will make their way to the GWAR-B-Q, where a viking funeral will be held for Oderus Urungus.

A public memorial for Dave Brockie will be held on Aug. 15, the day before the GWAR-B-Q. Along with GWAR, the festival itself will feature performances by Hatebreed, Body Count, Revocation, Goatwhore + many others.

Tickets for the fifth annual GWAR-B-Q will go on sale June 6. For all your GWAR-B-Q needs, check out the festival's official website. Hail Oderus! Hail GWAR!

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