It's a busy time in Hatebreed's world. The band just finished the tracking process on their forthcoming full-length, which is the proper follow up to 2009's self-titled effort, and will proceed with mixing. Hatebreed produced the platter, with assists from Josh Wilbur, who lists bands like Lamb of God and Avenged Sevenfold on his resume, and Zeuss, who has worked with everyone from All That Remains to Suicide Silence.

"I'm very excited that the album is tracked," exclaims guitarist Wayne Lozniak in a press release. "It was a great experience working with Zeuss and Josh Wilbur on this one. Every song is heavy, straight and to the point, in keeping with the traditional Hatebreed sound. Can't wait to put some of these songs in the set and start playing them live!”

Bassist Chris Beattie echoed that sentiment, saying, "This is the album that Hatebreed fans have been waiting for - catchy, ignorant and full of energy!"

Catchy, ignorant and full of energy? Sounds good and thoroughly Hatebreedian to us. Although the band's music is anything but ignorant, thanks to the positive lyrical messages that are encased in brutal breakdowns. Said breakdowns can be deemed ignorant, since they bulldoze anything in their path and with little regard for public safety.

The Connecticut outfit, led by frontman Jamey Jasta, are currently laying waste to venues on their 10 Years of Perseverance tour, which celebrates the anniversary of 2002's 'Perseverance,' home to their pit carnage-producing anthem 'I Will Be Heard.'

They will immediately follow the anniversary tour with a trek with Lamb of God.