Hatebreed are expressing their outrage via Twitter after a CNN opinion piece written by Lonnie Nasatir included them in a list of white power bands. Following an outpouring of protests from the band and their fans, Hatebreed's name has since been removed from the article.

The piece about the white power music subculture was written in response to the weekend massacre at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Wade Page, who murdered six people before killing himself after being shot and wounded by a police officer, played in two different white power bands.

Here are Hatebreed's Twitter posts about the article:

"Again @CNN loses all respect. First they ignore the #FREERANDYBLYTHE story now they slander us. We demand a retraction & an apology. #hacks”

“Writers like Lonnie Nasatir are the reason why the American media is looked at as a complete joke. Shame on @CNN & @chicagoadl @cnnopinion”

“Our music brings people of all races together all over the world. @CNN @cnnopinion & @chicagoADL need to get their facts straight.”

“Our name has been removed from the article. Thanks to all of our fans!”

“If Lonnie doesnt issue an apology we’ll post his name & phone # for u guys to call & email him. Thanx everyone! Your dedication inspires us.”

It's a shame that an article meant to expose a hateful subculture of music many are unaware of was tainted by the author's original inclusion of Hatebreed. The band is demanding an apology, which seems like a very reasonable request.