Colorado thrashers Havok just wrapped up a European tour, but unfortunately came home to the awful news that their equipment had been stolen after their trailer was broken into. With a U.S. tour supporting Overkill and Crowbar set to begin on Friday (Sept. 8), they're aiming to replace the lost gear through a crowdfunding campaign.

In a lengthy Facebook post explaining the situation (seen below), Havok detailed the incident, stating, "Our trailer was broken into and our gear was stolen. The thieves broke our trailer door and got away with custom drums, cymbals, discontinued amplifiers, custom road cases, merchandise, and a new generator. This news hits us doubly hard because we already had expensive vehicle repairs to make before hitting the road this Thursday for the Metal Alliance tour. This seems to be a kind of sadistic alignment of the stars that’s left us high and dry and we need help getting out of this hole."

Stressing that the band has never asked fans for donations in the past and how they've "dealt with major losses in the past" and have found ways to resolve them, "this time it's overwhelming." Havok explained, "To be frank we are boned, and we cannot afford to replace the gear that was stolen AND fix our vehicle. We tour our asses off and still aren’t rich, by any means. This is the first time we are asking fans to donate to our cause of riffs and truth in the name of heavy metal."

A goal of $19,000 has been set to help Havok return to the road and donations can be made through Venmo and if the service is not available in your area, they've instructed that donations can also be made via PayPal to "We would like to thank you in advance for sharing this, spreading the word and supporting Havok. Without fans we are nothing and we know that," the statement wraps up.

The Metal Alliance will not only join Overkill, Crowbar and Havok, but Black Fast and Invidia as well. The tour begins in Joliet, Ill. on Sept. 8 and will run through Sept. 25, capping things off in Salt Lake City, Utah. Havok will be supporting Conformicide, which was released earlier this year on Century Media.

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