Artists are always looking for ways to deliver new music to their fans, but it's rare when an artist actually comes directly to your home with a new song. That's what happened Hayley Williams superfan Carly Butler who was the recipient of a track called "My Limb" that she was then asked by Williams to "leak."

"Did hayley williams drive to your house and drop off a candle and a cd with her new song on it or are you having a normal night," tweeted Butler in the early evening on Thursday (Jan. 28). She then responded hilariously to the attention she garnered online stating, "I’m sorry i cannot reply to all of these tweets right now due to the fact that i am simply floating away into the ether at the moment."

Not long after, video surfaced of Williams in her Instagram stories and on Twitter preparing to drop off the new track to Butler as can be seen below. Williams, sporting a protective mask in the video, sets up the premise, "Okay, we're going to drop off a Sanctuary candle and a burnt copy of one of the songs to Carly in Nashville right now."

She then jokes, "I hope she doesn't think I'm coming to murder her if she looks out her window at just the right time" and then commenting that the service was "Murder Postmates." Approaching the home, Williams stuffed the CD in Butler's mailbox and fled while a horn honked to alert Butler. She also posted video of herself with her dog getting ready to embark on their mission.

The new song delivered to Butler on that burnt CD is a track called "My Limb" that was later posted online and can be heard below. A new website has surfaced titled Flowers for Vases that fans are linking to Williams and suggesting it's the title for her next album. No official release details have been revealed on that record as of yet.

Hayley Williams, "My Limb"

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