Heart's Ann Wilson says that there isn't a feud between her and her sister Nancy but there is a real divide. Here's what's going on between the two bandmates/siblings.

Ann Wilson has said that when it comes to keeping a marriage together versus a band together, "I think it's harder to keep a band together - in my experience." She compared bands to a revolving door while on The Mistress Carrie Podcast. She made the statement after her younger sister Nancy revealed her plans to go on tour without Ann as Nancy Wilson's Heart.

In an interview in the 300th issue of Classic Rock, Ann Wilson talked about her relationship with her sister, addressing the rumors that the two are feuding. She stated, "It's a myth. Nancy and I are okay with each other. We just have different ideas for what Heart should be, and we haven't figured out a compromise yet."

Ann adds, "Fifty years on, I still want it to break barriers and rules, and she's more satisfied to ride the L.A. imaging thing and just do legacy stuff." This causes a "real split" between the sister/bandmates since they can't agree on the direction of the band "Things like this will happen, though, but then they'll get better, and we'll love each other more," concludes Wilson.

Ann Wilson has released two cover albums with Hope & Glory and Immortal and her new solo album Fierce Bliss is set to be released on April 29. She describes the album as a "super cool record with lots of energy and vibe" on her website.

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