Heaven and Earth are ready to take a big step forward with their upcoming album, 'Dig,' and the band have just released the risqué Glen Wexler-directed video for 'No Money, No Love' to kick things off.

The clip finds a man struck by a beauty looking down from a balcony above and deciding he must find a way to meet her. But he quickly becomes aware that this old hotel is filled with scantily clad women, magicians and other distractions as he walks the halls in search of the stunning beauty. The video also gives the band a showcase as interspersed shots find them performing the 'No Money, No Love' song that ties in with the storyline. The clip can be seen below.

'No Money, No Love' comes from the band's upcoming 'Dig' album. The group recently completed the disc with producer Dave Jenkins and the set includes guest appearances by Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, Toto's David Paich and Heart's Howard Leese.

Guitarist and band founder Stuart Smith says, "I feel that with the crafting of the songs on this album, the incredible band we've put together, especially with powerhouse vocalist Joe Retta and the unwavering support of Quarto Valley Records President, Bruce Quarto, we really have a shot at getting Heaven and Earth the attention it deserves. This album is by far, the best thing I have ever done … all the pieces are in place. We're ready to make this our year."

The group has also released the track listing and album art for 'Dig.' The disc is due in stores April 23 and is currently available for pre-order here.

Watch Heaven & Earth's 'No Money, No Love' Video

Heaven and Earth's 'Dig' Track Listing:
1. 'Victorious'
2. 'No Money, No Love'
3. 'I Don’t Know What Love Is'
4. 'Man & Machine'
5. 'House of Blues'
6. 'Back in Anger'
7. 'Waiting for the End of the World'
8. 'Sexual Insanity'
9. 'Rock & Roll Does'
10. 'A Day Like Today'
11. 'Good Times'
12. 'Live as One'