It's been well documented that Hellyeah had a specific vision not only for their Blood for Blood album, but also for the band's future that took shape as they shed a pair of longtime band members and then reloaded. Frontman Chad Gray and guitarist Tom Maxwell recently spoke to Loudwire about their "new beginning," which can be seen in the video chat above.

Maxwell says it was an exciting feeling to approach his guitar work for the new album, especially since there had been more "cooks in the stew" prior. He explains, "It's almost like the beginning of the band for me. It's the music I've always wanted to write and always wanted to play and always wanted to create with this band, but never really had the opportunity to have just that selfish type of responsibility."

Gray also discusses the change in the band and feeling as though the members of the band can now be their true selves and not try to conform to a specific expectation. "I want this record to be an extension of myself, an extension of [Tom] and an extension of Vinnie, just us three being ingredients in the recipe that is Hellyeah," says Gray. "And I think this is absolutely pure and true. It's very honest." Gray and Maxwell go on to talk about how impressed they were with Vinnie Paul's drumming on Blood for Blood, particularly the track "Say When."

Check out the full interview above and be sure to pick up Hellyeah's Blood for Blood album via iTunes. You can also look for the band on the road at these locations.

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