California stoner / sludge merchants High on Fire are soon to unleash a live double album. Both Volume 1 & 2 of High on Fire's upcoming 'Spitting Fire' release was recorded over not one, but two nights of live music and will drop on June 18.

High on Fire is a tremendous live band, turning concert hall floors into quicksand at every city the act visits. 'Spitting Fire' Volumes 1 & 2 will feature 15 songs in total, spanning High on Fire's entire discography. 'Spitting Fire' contains concert performances from High on Fire's December 2012 New York City and Brooklyn shows, and having witnessed the band's Brooklyn performance ourselves, we can tell you that 'Spitting Fire' will absolutely crush.

The live record's track listing consists of High on Fire classics such as 'Hung, Drawn and Quartered,' 'Fury Whip' and '10,000 Years' along with new essentials including 'Fertile Green,' 'Serums of Liao' and 'Snakes for the Divine.' 'Spitting Fire' was given to producer Greg Wilkinson for mixing with additional engineering handled by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou.

Check out the full track listing for High on Fire's new live double album, 'Spitting Fire,' below. To pre-order the upcoming release digitally via iTunes, click here. If you want to grab a CD or limited edition vinyl bundle, click here.

High on Fire, 'Spitting Fire' Track Listing:

Volume 1:

1. 'Serums Of Liao'
2. 'Frost Hammer'
3. '10,000 Years'
4. 'Devolution'
5. 'Last'
6. 'Fertile Green'
7. 'Speedwolf'

Volume 2:

1. 'Rumors Of War'
2. 'DII'
3. 'Fury Whip'
4. 'Madness Of An Architect'
5. 'Face Of Oblivion'
6. 'Hung, Drawn and Quartered'
7. 'Blood From Zion'
8. 'Snakes For The Divine'