HIM are one of the most popular bands hailing from Finland, and fans are excited for their forthcoming album, ‘Tears on Tape,’ which is due out April 26 via Razor & Tie Records in the States.

Loudwire recently had the chance to chat with frontman Ville Valo, who shared his views on why several bands out of Finland have achieved international success.

When we asked him what he thinks about people gravitating towards fellow Finnish bands like the 69 Eyes, Turisas, the Rasmus, Amorphis, Children of Bodom, Apocalyptica and numerous others, he says, “All the bands mentioned, they’re very different sounding ones, we’re probably closer to the 69 Eyes sound wise but Finnish music has always kind of been melodramatic.”

Valo continues, “It’s emotional, it’s very rarely just about, 'Let’s go into bed and do it all night long.'” It’s always been more dramatic and sentimental and maybe more of the wussiest sounding in that sense." [Laughs]

He concludes, “I think that might be the fact that keeps people interested – the Scandinavian vibe, we’re pretty melancholy people, serious at times and I think that translates into music.”

The love metallers of HIM have also announced a handful of dates in North America. Click here to see where you can catch the sentimental, melancholy rockers perform live. And check back with Loudwire soon for our full interview with Ville Valo.