HIM continue to give a little bit more as they get closer to the release of their upcoming 'Tears on Tape' album. The band's website, which has featured a clock splash page for a good portion of the past month, has finally changed to feature a horned art piece, complete with the band's "heartagram" logo and an empty box.

However, fans who type in the words "Tears on Tape" into the box will get a quick flash of the album's new cover art. What appears is a snake who has wound itself around in a circle with symbols on the body throughout. In the middle of the of the circular snake is the band's "Heartagram" logo, while outside of the snake piece is blocked artwork that looks similar to the waves of an ocean. You can see the final piece to your left.

HIM recently announced an April 30 street date for their eighth studio album. Frontman Ville Valo stated about the upcoming disc, "'Tears on Tape’ is going to be really organic, straight-in-your-face, super melancholy bulls— [Laughs]. It’s going to be something nobody’s heard before. I’m really happy about it. It sounds great. Remember the soundtrack for ‘Twin Peaks’ that Angelo Badalamenti did? It’s got that similar forlorn, melancholy quality but mixed up with Motörhead. That’s where we’re at! We’re really happy. It’s got that dreamlike quality. It’s like Roy Orbison meeting Metallica.”

The band will make their way to the States to promote the effort this spring. Dates for the 2013 North American tour can be seen here.