Denver's Hold Me Hostage issued Metaphors for Captivity last year and are keeping their feet on the gas with a new music video for the song "Bender."

The song isn't so much a state of reflection; it's a PSA warning about the dangers and tolls of excessive living. None of the members of Hold Me Hostage drink and singer Christopher Thomas gets his message across, wailing, "But I can't take back the things I've done / a wasted life just for some fun / now I've got nothing to show for all of this time."

"'Bender' could be considered a cautionary tale," says bassist and keyboardist Bryan Stacks. "Forfeiting self preservation in the name of a good time always seems to turn into a bad time. It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn more than once. This message hits home in one of the most relatable tunes we’ve released to date. It all plays out like a bad dream. It's a nightmare not to be forgotten."

Thomas and drummer James Opiteck both have deep roots in music, working for a Denver venue as a talent buyer and sound engineer. With Hold Me Hostage, they get to flip the script and work on the other side of the business.

Watch the video and a behind the scenes clip below.

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