As Christmas nears, Hollywood Undead's Johnny 3 Tears tells us that he would be just fine if Santa left the books at home and gave him something else in his stocking this year. The vocalist tells us that as a youngster growing up, his parents definitely contributed to his education with reading material over Christmas, but he often missed out on the really cool gifts that some of his friends were getting.

He explains, "My parents are big readers, so I know I'm going to get some big ol' Leo Tolstoy 'War and Peace' hardbound cover, something like that, hunk of crap. I love Leo Tolstoy, don't get me wrong, but all I ever get is books."

However, there was the one year that the musician will always remember, when his folks broke with tradition. He recalls, "The one time I didn't get something like that was back in the late '80s, my parents got me the GameBoy which was the hot commodity back then. That was certainly my favorite present as a kid cause I was in shock that they sprung for it. So that was a good memory and ever since, it's just gone downhill."

As the years have gone on, Johnny says he's found a way to make sure he has a happy holiday. He explains, "I never get what I want, so I just stopped thinking about what I want. Plus, what I always do is think of something that I really want that I know I'm not going to get and I get it for myself, so at least I have something that I want on Christmas."

The musician says he's still enthralled by old gaming systems and recently checked online to see about picking up an old GameBoy or Sega Genesis, but was surprised at the cost since they've become collector's items. Still, he says he'd like to have one so he could take a trip down memory lane.

"At that time it was so cutting edge," says 3 Tears. "I mean I still have a PlayStation2 and even then the graphics and the setting become a little archaic, but I actually prefer those simple systems over today. Today's are just too complex for me -- like those shoot 'em games, I get anxiety and stuff. I guess I'm getting old buddy."