Concert festival goers are quite aware that ticket prices have gone up, but thanks to a new FinanceBuzz study, you can see how much ticket prices have gone up since some major festivals' infancy and which festivals have managed to quell the inflation to some extent.

How Much Have Festival Ticket Costs Risen in the Past Decade?

One of the major findings in this FinanceBuzz study is that the daily general admission prices for major music festivals have risen by 55 percent since 2014.

That's a staggering number, but even a little more interesting when you compare it to the actual rate of national inflation in the U.S. which is 32 percent over the same period.

That said, some festivals have managed to keep their prices in check. One festival - Ultra Miami - still has the same ticket price as in 2014. Meanwhile others, such as the Electric Forest Festival, have seen prices rise significantly. The electronic music and jam band festival has seen a 97 percent increase.

Music Festival Ticket Price Inflation

Which Festivals Increased the Least and Which the Most?

As stated, Electric Forest saw the biggest increase in the last decade, while Suwanee Hulaween and the Shaky Knees festival have both gone up 84 percent. The multi-genre Outside Lands festival saw a 76 percent increase and the country-centric Stagecoach has gone up 72 percent.

On the other end, Coachella is the festival that saw the second least increase, only rising 43 percent. The Chicago-based Lollapalooza has only gone up 49 percent, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest, Burning Man and Governor's Ball each saw a 50 percent increase.

Music Festival Most Least Ticket Cost Increases

How Much Have Festivals Increased Prices From Their Inaugural Year

It's interesting to see how much prices have changed, especially for the festivals that have been in business for decades.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Glastonbury both started in 1970. The New Orleans Jazz Fest you could've entered for $3 in 1970, where it now costs $105 in 2024. Glastonbury, held in the U.K., had only a one pound entry fee back then, while it costs 71 pounds for a ticket today.

Coachella, which started in 1999, has risen from $50 to $166 for a daily ticket. Bonnaroo, which was $33 in 2002, is now $109 for a general admission ticket in 2024. See other festival comparisons from their inaugural year below.

Music Festival Cost Rise From Inaugural Year

How the Results Were Tallied?

For this FinanceBuzz study, the 2024 festival price tickets were sourced directly from the official website of each festival, while historic prices were sourced from contemporary news articles published in each year.

All calculations and ticket costs are based on the price of a general admission ticket for a single day of each festival. In cases where single-day tickets are not sold, the cost for a multi-day general admission ticket was divided by the number of days the ticket was good for. Prices do not include taxes or fees.

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Inflation rates are based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ CPI Inflation Calculator. Inflation rates were collected in February 2024.

Dig into more details from the FinanceBuzz Study here.

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