Happy December! It's everyone on social media's favorite time of year — your 2021 Spotify Wrapped is here, and there are a couple of new unique stats that were added this time around.

Wrapped, which first started in 2015 as the "Year in Music," gives Spotify users a reflection of their listening habits throughout each year, so if you used the app at all throughout 2021, you can check yours out now. It's formatted like a slideshow within the Spotify app, and it plays music as you go along through the different categories.

You'll be able to see what your Top 5 most-played songs of the year were and receive a link to a curated playlist of your Top 100 most-played songs. Then, of course, you'll see how many genres you explored, as well as your Top 5 genres, how many different artists you listened to and your Top 5 most-played artists as well.

Those are the standard accolades Spotify Wrapped tends to mention, but there are some new stats as well. The first is "2021: The Movie," which gives you an opening credits theme song, and other tracks that would play during different classic movie scenes, such as confessing your love in the rain.

We're very curious to see which track you guys received for that.

Another cool new feature that was added is your "Audio Aura," which generates a color map based on the mood of what you listen to most frequently. There's also "Playing Cards," which is basically the game "Two Truths and a Lie" and is interactive. Finally, "2021 Wrapped Blend" allows you to compare your results to friends and share playlists with one another.

If you close out your Spotify Wrapped and replay it, the general data about your top-played artists, songs and genres will of course be the same, but you may see different themes across the various slides, such as which movie scenes you receive a song for in "2021: The Movie" and so on.

So, if you're ready to check out your audial personality assessment via Spotify Wrapped, click this link. Be prepared to go on just about any social media platform and see hundreds of posts about what people listened to the most this year, and share yours too! Music is the one thing that ties us all together — let's celebrate it.

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