H.P. Lovecraft is one of the reigning kings of fantasy and horror literature. His works went mostly unnoticed during his lifetime, but they became the stuff of legend after his death, often being referenced and reworked in modern literature, music, and films.

Lovecraft is most notably known for creating Cthulhu, a fantastical sea monster that is part octopus, part dragon, and part man, and has since appeared in many subsequent fictional works by other authors. He also was the originator of the Necronomicon, the infamous magic textbook that Ash Williams uses to summon the underworld in Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. The pop culture references to the writer’s works are seemingly endless and are a true testament to the impact of his stories. In honor of H.P. Lovecraft’s unyielding legacy, we have compiled a list of 11 metal songs that pay homage to the author.

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft Spotify Playlist

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